Complete Kitchen Remodeling - Serving Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA

Red Rose Cabinetry enjoys a great reputation for our quality cabinets throughout the Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA areas, but many people don't know that we can also handle complete kitchen remodeling projects too!

Our expert team of designers, builders and installers can work with you to design and build the kitchen you've always dreamed of!

Design Services - The Fun Part of Kitchen Remodeling!
We know you've been planning your dream kitchen in your mind for months or even years, scouring design magazines, watching HDTV and looking at the kitchens of friends and family. Now it's time for the fun. When we work on your kitchen remodeling project, the first thing we'll do is plan the design for your new space. We'll help you plan every aspect from appliance placement, countertop selection, cabinet design and so much more.

We'll not only help you make your new kitchen beautiful, we'll help you make it a functional, joyful place to work and play! After years of successful kitchen remodeling projects under our belt, we understand how to make your new kitchen work for you and offer maximum design impact at the same time!

Demolition / Construction - The "Guts" of Kitchen Remodeling
After we determine the design and layout for your new kitchen, we'll probably have some work to do to get things ready for all the new stuff you've picked out. That's where our experience in the construction industry comes in handy.

We'll knock down walls, replace flooring, run wire for lighting, outlets and appliances, take care of the plumbing, and so much more. Our experienced construction team can complete any aspect of your kitchen remodeling project with ease!

Installation / Finish Work - The Joy of Kitchen Remodeling
After all the construction work is complete, we'll finish the job by installing all of your appliances, cabinets, countertops and all the finishing touches that make your dream kitchen a reality.

Our installation team has the experience to handle all the details of your installation offering perfect fit and finish every time!

Why Choose Us to Complete Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Ready to get started on your kitchen remodeling project? Don't put it off until next month or next year. Get the beautiful results you've always dreamed of. Contact us today to tell us about your dream kitchen!

We offer top-notch service in Lancaster and Philadephia, PA and surrounding areas!