A mid-century modern kitchen with blue and gray cabinets and sleek furniture.

4 Popular Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See in 2022

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen and want to make sure you stay on top of the latest design trends, Red Rose Cabinetry is here to help! Kitchen design trends in 2022 will see a comeback of vintage styles, like soft colors and the blending of different materials.

With many households continuing to spend a lot of time together at home, the kitchen remains a gathering place for many. It makes sense to think about improving its flow and functionality while staying current on the latest fashions.

Whether you want to update old appliances or do a complete remodel, let the professionals at Red Rose Cabinetry be a part of your renovation. With more than 35 years of experience and staying on top of the hottest kitchen fashions, we have a good idea of the four biggest design trends to expect in 2022. If you’d like to see these trends in person, visit our kitchen showroom in Lititz, PA!

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1. Using Materials in Surprising Ways

The great thing about design is that there are many ways to update a space with just a few simple steps. For example, a small wooden shelf that you usually use on an accent wall can be hung near the kitchen sink and used to store extra utensils or add a small container to hold dish towels and pot scrubbers.

A metal shelving unit with wicker baskets full of silverware and utensils.Wicker baskets to store items like silverware, spatulas, and more also promise to be a popular design choice, bringing some natural elements to your kitchen.

Perhaps, one of the most frustrating problems many homeowners deal with in their kitchens is those pesky plastic storage containers. One of the most overlooked storage spaces in the kitchen is the top of the refrigerator. Storage crates and bins are available at many stores and offer smart ways to corral the clutter of plastic containers and more, while being safely stored atop the fridge if your space permits.

2. Bright Colors

A modern green-teal kitchen with a geometric wall pattern and a vase of red tulips.Plain, white-washed walls are a thing of the past in 2022. Small pops of color can be added to take your space up a notch. Whether it’s an accent wall, kitchen cabinets, or new accessories, bright colors liven up your space and make it more cheerful. Our kitchen showroom in Lititz, PA, features many examples of how you can use stunning colors to brighten your room, so visit us today for design ideas.

If your kitchen design budget doesn’t allow for a complete remodel, then painting your cabinets a vibrant color is an easy way to brighten up your kitchen. Sunny yellows and sparkling greens are popular this year. If painting your cabinets is more than you want to tackle, updating your backsplash is another great option to bring needed change to a bland color palette.

3. Everything Old is New Again

A kitchen with a brick wall, wooden counters, and white cabinetry.

Mid-century modern is making a comeback, and if you have anything from the 1950s in your kitchen, then you are already trendier than most of your neighbors. Kitchens in the 1950s featured futuristic designs and a mixing of materials like using brick and wood to complete the kitchen design. Soft colors like blue and yellow were popular, and cabinets and appliances were similar in color to complete the overall look.

If blue appliances aren’t your thing, you can update your kitchen with sleek cabinetry handles, a pop of color or graphic patterns, and clean lines. For more ideas or help in the design process, visit our kitchen showroom in Lititz, PA!

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4. Mixing in Vintage and Antiques

A kitchen counter and wall featuring vintage and antique storage containers for food, utensils, and cups.Nothing showcases your style more than a vintage decoration placed strategically to anchor an overall look. Have an empty-looking shelf or a nook that could use an interesting piece to liven up a dull corner? It’s possible to find many quality antiques in thrift stores, estate sales, and even your garage. Look for things like old bottles, vintage utensils, and attractive baskets, all of which can be used to liven up your space.

With so many options available, visiting an antique store can provide unique ways to breathe new life into forgotten places. For example, an old picture in a newly remodeled kitchen can revive memories of early morning breakfasts with family and start new traditions for many years to come.

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When researching the latest design trends, it’s a good idea to see how they would look in person. Our kitchen showroom in Lititz, PA, is a great place to check out these exciting new trends! The pros at Red Rose Cabinetry are ready to help you upgrade your kitchen and bath design to be sleek, modern, and on-trend. So contact us today to schedule a free design session to show you exactly how we can make your old, outdated kitchen into an inviting, modern space for years to come.

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