White farmhouse kitchen cabinets provide a bright, cheery atmosphere to a kitchen.

6 Big Advantages of Upgrading to Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder that if you’re a new homeowner or just looking to remodel your house, you probably want to start in your kitchen. Those worn, outdated cabinets have probably seen better days and could use better organization. Why not try farmhouse kitchen cabinets to provide modern charm and simplicity? They’ll look stunning in neutral shades of white or gray, especially when balanced with natural wood or stone for backsplashes, countertops, or flooring.

With Red Rose Cabinetry, we can help turn your outdated kitchen into a room of functional, modern elegance. Plus, updating your cabinets has many advantages that our customers love. Whether you want a cleaner look or to increase your property value, upgrading your kitchen cabinets is the way to go.

1. Cleaner Look

As you start the remodeling process of your kitchen, you probably have some idea of how you want the finished product to look. Whether a rustic farmhouse, a modern kitchen with sleek lines, or something more contemporary, Red Rose Cabinetry has the kitchen cabinet style you want. Plus, it will provide an overall cleaner look to your kitchen when you upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

When all your cabinets match and are correctly aligned, the outward appearance of your kitchen automatically looks cleaner. Combine that with the extra space a custom cabinet maker can optimize for you for maximum storage, and your kitchen will instantly look neater with the suitable cabinets installed.

2. Gain More Storage Space

As we mentioned, working with a custom cabinet maker, like Red Rose Cabinetry, can ensure that your farmhouse kitchen cabinets or other types of cabinets are maximized for storage. Whether you have kitchen space with an awkward corner or a lack of space in your kitchen in general, Red Rose Cabinetry can design and install cabinets that provide the best storage solutions for you.

Canisters of sugar and coffee won’t clutter your countertops anymore and can instead be organized in beautifully designed cabinets. Plus, if you choose open shelving or ones with glass doors, it makes it even easier to see exactly where everything is in your kitchen, so you never have to go hunting for an ingredient again.

3. Improve First Impression

Interior designers often focus on the kitchen first because it’s genuinely the home’s main focal point. And with farmhouse kitchen design as one of the current popular interior design trends, you can’t go wrong when upgrading to a rustic country kitchen. Its eye-catching design is awe-inspiring for those looking to sell their home as it makes a fantastic first impression for potential buyers. Even if a complete kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget to do, just upgrading your kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference.

4. Match the Rest of Your Home

Another advantage to upgrading your kitchen cabinets is that it gives you a chance to match your kitchen style with the rest of your home. If the kitchen is full of industrial shelving and few natural elements, but the rest of your house has a rustic charm, then the whole vibe of the place doesn’t sit right. Instead, upgrade to a modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, reclaimed wood accents, marble countertops, and wood floors.

Farmhouse cabinets are light, bright, and airy and will add that perfect touch to match your rustic farmhouse-style living room, bathroom, or bedroom.

5. Increase Property Value

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets also increases property value. Cabinet space is often a hot commodity when selling a home, so when it’s new and upgraded, it will have a significant return on investment when you sell your home. And since farmhouse-style kitchens are one of the top design trends of 2021, you can’t go wrong upgrading your kitchen cabinets now to a farmhouse style.

6. Better Organization

Besides providing a cleaner look and more storage space, upgrading your kitchen cabinets gives you a chance to better organize the food in your cabinets. Consider moving all your baking supplies to the cabinet above the counter where you usually mix up delicious desserts. Move cooking utensils, spices, and oils to the cabinets near the stove for easy access. Label shelves and containers to quickly know what’s in the cupboards.

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So, if you want to experience these fantastic benefits that happen when you upgrade your kitchen cabinets, visit Red Rose Cabinetry today! Our designers will sit down with you to craft the farmhouse kitchen cabinets of your dreams that stick to your budget. After local craftsmen make your cabinets, our expert installers will bring the cabinets to you and secure them in your kitchen.

Schedule your free design consultation today and see how Red Rose Cabinetry can help you get a cleaner look that matches the rest of your home and increases your property value with farmhouse-style cabinets!