6 Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Improve Style and Efficiency

With today’s busy lifestyles, keeping up with your family’s laundry can be challenging, especially if your current laundry room lacks storage options. Without your detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and other laundry supplies nearby, you waste time hauling them back and forth from their storage spot to the washing machine.

In addition, tackling loads of dirty clothes isn’t how you want to spend your free time, especially if you haven’t set up your existing space stylishly and efficiently. New laundry storage cabinets may be just the thing you need to have the room to store detergents, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, and more to get the laundry done quicker.

If you’ve been looking into or thought about remodeling your laundry room to add more storage, then we have six laundry room storage ideas just for you! At Red Rose Cabinetry, we have been building beautiful custom cabinets in the Lancaster area since 1985. We have what it takes to make you a custom shelving unit for your large or small laundry room. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation to see how we can expand your storage options to make your laundry room more inviting and functional.

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1. Build Storage Cabinets Above the Washer and Dryer

Our first laundry room storage idea is to add wall cabinets to your laundry room above the washer and dryer. These wall-mounted laundry storage cabinets increase the functionality and look of your laundry room. By working with the design experts at Red Rose Cabinetry, you can customize the look and feel of your laundry room cabinets to create a sleek, modern look that will make laundry day a breeze.

Perhaps you’d like cabinets that look more rustic or industrial. No problem! We can make laundry room cabinets in any style you’d like! With several options to choose from, including stock, semi-custom, and fully custom cabinets, keeping everything organized and in the location where you use it most will help you get the laundry done quicker.

2. Consider Adding Shelves to Your Laundry Room

Another laundry room storage idea is to add open cabinet shelves. If space is tight in your laundry room and you don’t have enough room to add full storage cabinets, then adding open shelves might be an option. Shelving can be added to walls, hung from the ceiling, or placed on the back of the door, vary in size and material, and be customized to fit your space.

Since the wall-mounted cabinet shelves don’t have doors and hinges, they efficiently use a small space while still giving you an area to organize supplies.

 3. Install a Countertop Over Your Washer and Dryer

Having space to separate and fold laundry is especially helpful for on-the-go households. If you have front-load appliances, adding a countertop on top of them can increase convenience and help you complete the folding process faster. It’s also a great area to place a laundry basket when putting dirty clothes in your washer. Plus, having laundry folded and stacked in piles makes it easy for every family member to grab their clean laundry and put it away.

Red Rose Cabinetry is more than just cabinet makers. Whether you want a soapstone countertop because it’s non-porous and heat resistant, ceramic tile for its affordability, or some other type of countertop, we can install it for you! Get in touch with our team today to schedule a design consultation.

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 4. Stack Your Washer and Dryer

If your space is minimal and it’s time to replace your washer and dryer, purchasing a stackable washer/dryer combo makes sense. This combination can increase the storage options in your laundry room by half. With the extra space available, you can now take advantage of some of our other organization ideas, like adding floor storage cabinets with a countertop over them for easy folding.

5. Folding Ironing Board or Drying Racks

While casual Friday and working from home in your PJs is prevalent these days, there still will be occasions when your clothes should be pressed and wrinkle-free. Ironing boards are large, chunky and hard to store. A built-in ironing board or one that folds away when not in use is a great space-saving option for any laundry room.

When considering this option for your laundry room, ensure there is a designated place for the iron, as it could be in the way if space is limited. A heat-resistant countertop over some cabinets is a wonderful place for the iron and a fold-away ironing board.

If you place this laundry room storage idea in a corner, one wall could hold a fold-away ironing board and another a fold-away drying rack. This hack will give you both convenient options while taking up less space.

6. Add Cute Bins for Easy Organization

Our final laundry room storage idea is to add stylish and functional bins to keep loose items organized. Many stores have an assortment of containers in various shapes and colors, so it should be easy to find something that matches your décor and taste. For example, take laundry detergent packs out of their bulky container and place them in a space-saving bin above your washer. You can store extras in other laundry storage cabinets.

Dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, and stain remover are also great items to place in storage bins on your cabinet shelves.

Need More Laundry Room Storage Ideas?

When you’re ready to update your laundry room and find the perfect storage solutions for any budget, the design experts at Red Rose Cabinetry are prepared to help. From closed cabinetry to free-hanging shelves, we have plenty of laundry room storage ideas for you.

For over 37 years, customers in Lancaster, PA, and beyond have trusted us with all their cabinet, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room needs. Our carpenters use various wood and shelving products designed with your personal space in mind. Visit our showroom in Lititz, Pennsylvania, to check out all of our products, or contact us to schedule a free design consultation!

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