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6 Small Things You Can Do to Update Your Bathroom Design in Lancaster, PA

There’s nothing better than stepping into your shower after a long, challenging day and letting the stress of the last few hours wash away down the drain. But when your bathroom’s looks add to your woes, stepping in to get a shower or even brush your teeth might give you a little anxiety.

Maybe you have been struggling with too little storage, or you’re tired of the backsplash behind your sink. No matter what the issue is, there are a few things you can do to give your bathroom an upgrade without spending a considerable amount of money. And if you’re a renter, some of the updates you can do to your space are easily reversible for when you move out!

While we are always ready to work on a complete bathroom remodel project, we at Red Rose Cabinetry understand that sometimes it’s not something you can afford to do just yet, or maybe that decision isn’t up to you.

As the bathroom design experts right here in Lancaster, PA, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you upgrade a current space you’re not happy with, until you’re ready to do a total remodel!

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1. Update the Walls

A photo of a roller of white paint going over orange tile.One of the first things people consider when hoping to change the look of a space is adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting a room is a quick, cheap way to upgrade the look and requires very few resources to do a good job. Light colors can make the room appear larger if it’s small and give the room a brighter, cleaner feel.

Another option that has become more popular recently is peel and stick wallpaper. It’s often repositionable, so it’s great for people who aren’t experts at wallpapering. It is also great for renters who want to upgrade the look of a room without damaging the existing features. Just make sure the wallpaper matches your bathroom tiles!

2. Add Shelving to the Shower

If your bathroom shower has little to no shelving, it can be unpleasant to figure out where to put your shampoo and conditioner that isn’t on the ledge of the bathtub. Adding removable shelving can help.

A small rack that fits over the shower head or a small corner shelf held up by command strips for your razor and bar of soap may be just the thing you need to feel like you can move around your shower without half a dozen bottles falling into the tub at your feet.

3. Put in Elements for Storage

You can add several storage elements to your bathroom for a small cost that instantly adds more space to the room. Plastic drawer organizers are great to add storage solutions for bathrooms with fewer drawers and cabinets, plus they can be lovely visually, depending on the type you buy. Makeup organizers are also attractive and give you somewhere to put your supplies instead of setting them on the sink.

Other storage elements can include towel hooks behind the door or a decorative basket or dish for your sink. You can store lotions, makeup remover, or other frequently used items in an easy-to-reach location without them looking cluttered.

Cabinets for above the toilet

Storage space and cabinets above the toilet are easy additions that can spruce up your bathroom’s look and add more functionality to the area. You can buy racks that fit over your toilet for relatively cheap at most hardware stores or even online. These racks usually come with three or four storage space shelves, perfect for keeping toilet paper and makeup brushes or hair care supplies up and out of the way while you’re in the bathroom.

If you want a more permanent solution, choosing from all the beautiful cabinetry options from Red Rose Cabinetry can elevate the look of your bathroom design right here in Lancaster, PA. We can help with cabinets throughout your home—bathroom included!

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4. Install a Pullout Mirror

Adding mirrors to any space will make it appear more extensive, and this is a helpful tip to remember when you have a small bathroom. Pullout mirrors are handy because they can create a second space for someone who needs a mirror when someone else is standing in front of the larger one or for siblings who like to get ready together in the morning before work or school. This simple upgrade will add quite a bit of convenience to your morning routine!

5. Consider Art or Plants

An image of a plain white bathroom with several bright green plants that update the space.An effortless way to instantly upgrade the bathroom design of your home is to add some wall art or plants to the room. An art wall creates a beautiful focal point in the room and gives your guests something exciting to look at while they freshen up. Additionally, adding art to the room can highlight a little more of your personality in a room that may otherwise appear plain or bland.

Several low-maintenance plants prefer to grow in bathroom conditions, like the spider plant or the cast iron plant, which is named because it’s incredibly hardy and difficult to kill. Plants are visually striking and can also help bring up the mood in a room with cramped spaces.

6. Upgrade Toilet Handle

This one is simple and easy to manage, even if you are not particularly handy. It only takes a little patience and a trip to the hardware store to pick out the new handle you want. Then, you’ll have an upgraded toilet handle in just a few moments of your time! This small detail can make your bathroom feel brand new, even though it’s just tiny.

Ready for A Bathroom Renovation?

It can be frustrating to figure out your bathroom design, but you don’t have to do it alone! If you’ve moved past minor updates and feel like your space still doesn’t suit exactly what you want for your bathroom, renovation or remodeling are options!

Let the bathroom design experts in Lancaster, PA, at Red Rose Cabinetry help you with all your ideas. We offer free bathroom design sessions so we can talk about how to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life.

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