Modern looking kitchen with concrete countertops

8 Solid Style Tips for Concrete Countertops

Here at Red Rose Cabinetry, we’re more than just beautiful custom cabinets for every room in your home. We’re one of Lancaster County, PA’s favorite kitchen remodelers. No matter what your vision is for your new kitchen, we can help you bring it to life—and that includes installing the perfect countertop material to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Have you considered concrete countertops? They’re on-trend and easy to live with—and the star of today’s blog post!

While granite and quartz have been the most popular choices for kitchen countertops for years, concrete countertops have been steadily rising in popularity. Today, they are one of the hottest options because of their endless style varieties, durability, and affordability.

The great thing about concrete kitchen countertops is that they work well in any style kitchen, from ultra-modern to rustic, and everything in between. When designing your kitchen remodel to include concrete material, consider these eight style tips.

gray countertopGray is the New Neutral

Concrete is naturally gray in color. Gray is one of the top neutral tones in home decorating right now. A gray concrete countertop is the clean slate against which all cabinet and appliance colors and design features stand out. Any cabinetry—from wood tones to bright colors—will look fantastic with gray concrete countertops.

White and Light

White walls make a room look larger. They also make a room seem cleaner and brighter. White concrete countertops can have the same effect. They can be a nice contrast to colorful cabinetry and walls, or they can match white cabinetry, making the space open and fresh.

Embrace Colors

Contemporary kitchen trends call for making the space reflect your personality and lifestyle. One of the best ways to do that is through color choice. Unlike natural stone countertops, which can have a limited color palette, concrete kitchen countertops can be mixed, using pigments, dyes, and stains, to be almost any color—or even a bold mix of colors.

Make it Marbled

Concrete countertops don’t only come in solid colors. In fact, they are so versatile they can look like marble (or other materials). Marbled concrete looks just like natural marble but costs a lot less. Faux finishes can also give concrete countertops the look of real wood with far more durability.

decorative concreteEmbedded Design

When it comes to design, concrete lets you take style and personalization to a new level. Decorative objects, like bottles, seashells, coins, and so much more, can be embedded into the countertop and coated over with a protective sealant. Using LED lights, countertops can also be lit from below to give off a special glow. This particular lighting feature is ideal for bar and outdoor kitchen countertops.

Floor Pairings

Another new trend is having both a concrete kitchen countertop and a matching concrete kitchen floor. This combination can be stunning when the cabinetry and appliances also make statements. There is no need to worry about having a cold floor when radiant floor heating is installed under the concrete.

Get Curvy

Traditional kitchen countertops tend to have angular corners, in keeping with standard cabinetry shaping. However, concrete countertops can be poured to be any shape. They don’t have to be rectangular with defined corners. Instead, a curvy countertop can set a more tranquil mood, spark creativity, and improve movement in and around the kitchen.

edge styleKeep It Edgy

No matter what material you choose for your countertop, you’ll also need to choose an edge style. There are many choices, such as straight, bullnose, beveled, and ogee.

One style that is growing in popularity is the raw or chiseled edge. This style looks like the rough edge of a broken piece of granite. Concrete countertops can have that same margin, and it looks fantastic in rustic and modern kitchens alike.

Sealed for Safety

Though concrete countertops are durable, there are a few maintenance steps that will need to be taken to keep them looking great and staying food-safe for years to come.

Like granite, concrete countertops are porous and need to be sealed upon installation so that liquids or food particles can’t get into the countertop surface and breed bacteria. Once sealed, concrete countertops are food safe. They will need to be sealed once every few years—and waxed more frequently—to keep them that way.

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As we’ve shown, concrete is fast becoming the go-to choice for countertop material because it is so versatile in color, shape, and style. You can also personalized concrete countertops in unexpected ways—and mix and match them with your perfect kitchen cabinetry!

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