Modern kitchen design trends with a pop of color

Kitchen Design Trends of 2020: Ideas and Inspiration for Your New Kitchen

As the holidays get closer to winding down and the New Year is on the horizon, most people look to turning over a new leaf. At Red Rose Cabinetry, we’re all about the “new year, new you” slogan, but how about “new year, new kitchen” with a few recommended kitchen design trends instead?

Last year we did a post that highlighted some of the top kitchen trends in 2019, so we decided to do another one for 2020. Check out our list of kitchen design trends that are up and coming for the New Year!

Eco-Friendly Materials

Whether you’re an advocate for environmental change or not, it’s no secret that everyone is trying to lessen their carbon footprint in today’s society. Solar panels, electric cars, and more sustainable materials are just a few examples of where you’ve likely seen these trends. The same can also be said for kitchen design trends, as well.

Having an eco-friendly kitchen can mean a few things depending on what you’re looking for. On the one hand, you may want all of your kitchen materials to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You may also want all-electric smart appliances to help reduce the use of fossil fuel utilities like natural gas or oil. However, there are several ways homeowners can go about a new kitchen renovation while still being environmentally conscious.

For example, looking for kitchen cabinets that use reclaimed wood, birch plywood, or bamboo can be an option. Countertops are another way to go with sustainable materials that vary from reclaimed wood to recycled composite materials, all the way to concrete.

More Pops of Color

Goodbye, bland! Hello, color! Long gone are the days of beiges and browns and neutral-toned palettes—instead, current kitchen design trends are leaning towards more—and brighter—colors.

Now, that doesn’t mean neutral tones are going completely out of style, but more that many kitchens now have a color “pop” somewhere in the design. Whether it’s a mostly white kitchen with a bright yellow backsplash and yellow accents or a neutral kitchen with a bolder countertop design and colorful bar stools, don’t be afraid of color.

The important piece of advice we have is to find a balance in colors that you like. Red Rose Cabinetry can work with you on your kitchen renovation project and help you with design suggestions.

Minimalist Design

You’re probably familiar with the “less is more” concept, and recent kitchen design trends have really taken this to heart. If you’re tired of countertops cluttered with appliances or miscellaneous food items, you’re not alone. Minimalist designs have been on-trend in kitchens for some time, and 2020 shows to be no different.

When we say minimalist, we don’t mean “bare” or “boring,” but instead, minimalism refers to clean lines and less clutter. We’re seeing a lot of minimal kitchen design trends that are removing hardware from cabinets and opting for push-activated closures instead. Another minimalist approach with kitchen cabinets is hiding major appliances behind them. From microwaves to refrigerators, anything can be hidden in a cabinet!

Glass Doors or Open Shelving

Once all of your appliances and food are behind closed cabinet doors, you’ll find that you may actually not need as many total cabinets in your kitchen. We’re all about cabinets here at Red Rose, but we also love great design.

For instance, if you use one large cabinet for food storage, another for your microwave or other appliances, and one for your fridge, you will only need a few for dishes. With that in mind, one of the newest kitchen design trends is having cabinets with glass in the doors. This allows you to show off fine china or conversation pieces without sacrificing function.

Also, open shelving has become very popular, too, and serves a similar purpose as glass door cabinetry. You’ll often see open shelves that have dishes intermingled with plants or artwork to bring a more personal touch to kitchen design.

The Double Kitchen Island

Contemporary American kitchen designs seem to get larger and larger every year in terms of floor space, and 2020 is no exception. Just when you thought having a large kitchen island was a luxury, you thought wrong. Now having two kitchen islands is common in the latest kitchen design trends.

Why do you need two kitchen islands, you ask? Mostly to fill up space in a large, open kitchen and to provide ample seating. Instead of having one large island, you can have two smaller ones that make it easier to navigate around in the kitchen.

Exotic Finishes for Fixtures and Appliances

While stainless steel is still one of the most popular finishes for appliances and fixtures in a home, some of the upcoming kitchen design trends in 2020 are starting to shun that popular finish.

We’re starting to see ceramic and copper sinks in a lot of kitchens, as well as copper faucets and fixtures. You can even find certain appliances in various colors or finishes that will match anyone’s aesthetic.

The crucial point to remember is your kitchen isn’t just a place for function but for style, as well. Even though kitchen design trends change over the years, you’ll want to make sure your next kitchen renovation makes it feel like home. That’s why we’re here to help.

To start building the kitchen of your dreams, visit the Red Rose Cabinetry showroom or contact us online to start planning. We can’t wait to see what we cook up together!