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Kitchen Design Trends of 2021 Making the Most Impact

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home because it is where families gather to prepare and enjoy meals. More recently, kitchens have also become home offices, homework centers, and central hangout hubs. These new uses are greatly influencing kitchen design trends, which favor making kitchens more inviting, comfortable, and functional.

Common among all the different kitchen design style trends, from farmhouse chic to midcentury modern, is an emphasis on clean lines, ample storage, and personality. Making kitchens even more eco-friendly is another rising trend as we move into 2021 and beyond.

Whether you want to make a few changes or do a complete kitchen remodel, these are the trends that will create the most impact.

Kitchen Color Trends

Anything goes when it comes to color. You have more choices than ever before for the color of walls, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and appliances.

When selecting colors for your kitchen, keep in mind how you want the space to feel. If you want the space to be energizing, use bold, bright colors. Consider neutral, earthy tones if you’re going for soothing and tranquil. And, if you want your kitchen to feel more spacious, use white.

Painting the walls is the most inexpensive way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Every paint manufacturer has a new palette of colors for 2021. Among their top picks for New Year color trends are shades of orange, red, grey, blue, and earth tones. Just by changing the wall color, you can change the feel of the room.

Cabinetry Trends

blue and white kitchen

Colorful cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular. Painting your cabinets is an affordable way to update and extend the life of existing cabinetry. In addition to bold colors for cabinets, white is trendy because it is clean and makes the room seem expansive.

Maxed-Out Storage

When you want to do more than paint existing cabinets, start by assessing if you have enough cabinet space and where more cabinets could be added. The leading trend in cabinetry is for maximum storage so that counters can be uncluttered.

If possible, add a pantry. When food is organized in a pantry rather than scattered throughout various cabinets, it is easier to determine what items you genuinely need to replenish and avoid buying extras of things you don’t.

Natural Wood

Cabinetry with visible wood grain is quite popular. Light wood, in particular, like ash, is trending. Warm stain shades, like walnut, are also enjoying a return to favor.

Another trend in cabinetry is clean lines with doors that have recessed or no hardware. Handleless, or touch-release, cabinet doors give a modern, crisp look.

Current Countertops

Countertop color and material can have the most significant impact on the kitchen. Natural stone countertops are always en vogue, and you have a lot of material choices that are equally beautiful and sophisticated.

  • Quartz is becoming the most popular because it is easier to care for than granite and just as durable.
  • Marble slab is also trending in high-end kitchens.
  • If you’re seeking a less expensive countertop material, consider concrete. Concrete countertops can either be standard grey or stained almost any color, and they are trending in all styles of kitchens.

As for countertop colors, black, whether shiny or matte finish, tops the list. Black is a dramatic backdrop to lighter cabinets and appliances. White and grey are close behind as they give kitchens a clean look and a more open feel.

kitchen backsplashBacksplash Ideas

As with countertops, solid slabs of natural stone make a fantastic backsplash or focal point behind the stovetop.

Sheets of metal also make outstanding statement backsplashes. New treatments to metal surfaces can create unique and lasting patinas that will make any kitchen a stand-out.

Want to get crafty and design your own backsplash? Check out our previous blog post about installing a DIY backsplash!

 Eco-Friendly Options

An overarching trend in kitchen design is to make the space more eco-friendly. Of course, purchasing energy-saving and water-efficient appliances and installing LED lighting top the list, but there are a few other things you can do.

Using reclaimed wood for cabinetry or tabletops is a great way to go green. Another powerful way to make a difference for the environment is to shop from local retailers and suppliers and hire local designers. When shopping locally for a Lancaster cabinet company, we would love for you to consider Red Rose Cabinetry!

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