Small Kitchen Design

Our Best Tips and Ideas for Small Kitchen Design

If you’ve ever lived in a small apartment or a home with a tiny kitchen, you know how frustrating it can be navigating around a small space. When you’re bumping into other people, shuffling around pans on limited counter space, or just trying to find room to do anything, it can cause you to avoid the kitchen altogether. At Red Rose Cabinetry, it’s important to us that you love the space you live in. Even if you’re limited on square footage, there are still plenty of options you can utilize to optimize your space.

One Wall Kitchen Design

When you’re ready to redesign your kitchen but afraid of not having enough space, creating a one wall kitchen may be an optimal solution. As the name suggests, these types of kitchens are isolated to a single row of appliances and cabinets along one wall. If you’re worried about a lack of prep or counter space, consider adding a small kitchen island, or even using a dining table for more space if there’s not enough room for an island.

Living in a small space can make some people feel claustrophobic, but luckily one wall kitchen designs can really help open up a tiny living area. Since one wall kitchens tend to be a more open concept, they typically allow for open space across from the wall. This, plus choosing brighter colors, will make your kitchen feel much larger even when you don’t have the square footage.

Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchens tend to have a bad reputation for how cramped they can feel, but they are starting to make a comeback in popularity. Designed like a hallway with counters and appliances on each side, these kitchens can be tucked away from the rest of the house to keep areas in the home separated. Depending on your needs, galley kitchens are great for serious cooks because it puts everything you need within close reach.

The small footprint allowance for galley kitchens make them another optimal choice if you need to design a small kitchen. Just be careful about the colors you use or how many cabinets you have, because galley kitchens can tend to feel very cave-like if you’re not careful. They’re also not ideal if you plan to have multiple cooks in the kitchen at once.

Horseshoe or U-Shape Kitchen Design

If you’re looking for a kitchen design that has plenty of counter space, a horseshoe or u-shaped design may be one you want to consider. When designed in a smaller space, the layout likely won’t need an island or extra space, allowing for a very open, free-flow pathway for cooks. In addition, having three connected walls allows for ample storage space. This allows for you to keep a cleaner or more modern kitchen design by being able to keep your counters clear from appliances.

If a u-shaped design is what you’re set on, but you still want a kitchen island, we suggest using a small rolling island. This way you can keep it out of the way during normal use and roll it out when you maybe need the extra space for prepping dinner.

Peninsula Kitchen Design

A peninsula kitchen is a u-shaped kitchen with an extension, making it more of a g-shaped design. Typically extended counter space, a peninsula offers extra cabinet storage, as well as possibilities for seating. Even if your peninsula can only seat two people in a small kitchen, it can help you save space by not having a bulky dining table. This layout is very space efficient and can also add a bit of separation between the kitchen and other areas of your home, while still giving the layout an open feel.

In addition to seating, adding pendant lights above your peninsula can help brighten the space if you’re concerned about your area looking dark. One thing to watch out for with a peninsula kitchen design is to make sure you have enough walking space around it so a bottleneck isn’t created. Kitchen islands are great for allowing two entry points in and out a kitchen, but a peninsula only has one and can create issues if you’re not careful.

At Red Rose Cabinetry, we understand that working with a small amount of square footage can be frustrating when designing your kitchen. Just know that no matter whether your kitchen is big or small, we’ll be there to help you with any of your remodeling needs. Reach out to us any time with questions or concerns, or visit our showroom in Lititz, Pa. to see the difference we can make for you!