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Our Favorite Clever Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Organization

You have probably seen the social media posts promoting lists of organizational accessories you can buy on websites like Amazon to “revolutionize” your kitchen cabinet organization, bathroom storage, and more. From unique spice racks to removable drawer inserts and easy access shelves and bins, there are thousands of products on the market now to help with “tidying up” every space in your home.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at a few of our favorites among these products specifically designed for better kitchen cabinet organization. We’ll also touch on some customization options you can build into your cabinets that seamlessly accomplish the same goals.

After all, when you’re renovating your kitchen, you shouldn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of add-on accessories to get the precise level of organization you need in your new kitchen cabinets! Read on for more.

Better Ways to Deal With All Those Plastic Containers and Lids

plastic food storage containers
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While your collection of plastic food storage containers is stackable, what about all of the lids? Storing containers with their lids in place—so you don’t lose them—isn’t usually practical because they take up so much space in your kitchen cabinets. However, keeping lids corralled and easily accessible separate from their containers can be a frustrating challenge.

Luckily, many products are now available that allow you to store all your lids in a single location, nested together. One of our favorite picks—by the brand mDesign—has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. It fits right on your kitchen cabinet shelf alongside stacked containers, so you never have to hunt for your lids ever again.

Better yet, if you still have old CD organizers hanging around, you can also repurpose those to store lids!

Utilize Your Cabinets’ Inside Door Surfaces

cutting board storage
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You probably already have hooks or other back-of-the-door organization installed on bedroom and bathroom doors in your home. Did you know that you can optimize your kitchen cabinet space with similar solutions to organize things like cutting boards, all those tiny spice containers, and more?

This compact hanging storage basket (pictured here and featured recently by Buzzfeed), is one organization idea that can save a surprising amount of space. It allows you to store larger, flat items vertically, which usually take up a lot of shelf space despite not being tall.

However, if you’re having more significant kitchen cabinet storage challenges, it’s time to call in the kitchen organization experts at Red Rose Cabinetry for help!

Employ Extra Shelves Within Kitchen Cabinets or Deep Drawers

There are so many options available for incorporating additional shelving within your existing kitchen cabinets and large, deep drawers.

From open-wire rack-style shelves designed to help you safely stack your pots and pans while saving space (pictured) to custom wood shelving that helps create more organization, add-on shelving can reclaim under-utilized kitchen cabinet and other storage space with ease!

open-wire rack-style shelves

Repurpose Things Like File Organizers If You Have Them

organizational products
Photo by Good Housekeeping

You don’t have to break the bank buying this shelving, either. You can actually “recycle” other everyday organizational products you probably already have in your home—like office file organizers.

This slideshow from Good Housekeeping shows cleverly “filed” cutting boards, serving platters, and baking sheets, among other kitchen essentials! File organizers—like the CD storage racks we mentioned above—are also excellent plastic lid traps!

Embrace Drawer Dividers, Pull-Out Shelves, and More!

Pull-Out Shelves

While you probably have a cutlery tray or two in your kitchen silverware drawer, did you know that you can purchase—or DIY—drawer organization for more than just utensil storage? There are hundreds of different types of solutions, from coordinating bins to expandable and eco-friendly bamboo trays.

However, the best drawer dividers are those we can build into your new custom kitchen cabinetry! When you’re ready to level up your kitchen organization game, with things like built-in dividers—or better yet, pull-out shelf designs that can even hide away in the kick-plates underneath your cabinets—it’s time to schedule your design consultation with Red Rose Cabinetry!

Totally Rethink Your Cabinets

Even if you have a limited budget, totally replacing kitchen cabinets—or adding new ones where none previously existed—may be the best way to maximize your kitchen organization.

kitchen drawer

As we covered in a previous blog article, focusing on replacing kitchen cabinets in just one section of your space can be extremely cost-effective. Although the organization accessories we talked about in today’s post are all very affordable, if you need to purchase a lot of these, you will probably be better served to upgrade your kitchen cabinets instead.

Explore our inspiration gallery and imagine the possibilities in your own kitchen!

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