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Simple Bathroom Upgrades with the Most Impact

Homeowners considering ways to upgrade and update their bathrooms have more options than ever before. Renovating a bathroom can be as comprehensive as stripping down to studs and starting over, or as simple as making a few less disruptive upgrades that have a tremendous impact.

Whether you choose extensive or simple bathroom updates, the best news is that you will enjoy both the new look and increased home value.

So, what are the current trends that have the most visual appeal and “bang for your buck?” Today’s post looks at popular bathroom redecorating trends, including using bold colors, dramatic wallpaper, marble, quartz, creative lighting, unusual tile, brass or nickel fixtures, and cabinetry in a range of styles from vintage to modern to achieve striking results.

We’ll also consider the home spa—another dominant theme in bathroom renovations right now. Creating a spalike feel at home involves adding luxury features like large soaking tubs or multi-head showers.

Why Wall Color Matters

pink-walled bathroomPerhaps the easiest and least expensive way to change any room is to paint the walls. White walls may be clean and bright, but they are also boring. To add wow factor to a bathroom—even a small powder room—homeowners should embrace color!

Going bold is the trend, which is why black is the most popular color for bathrooms this year. Painting even just one wall black and leaving the others white will give the room a new dimension. Black is the new neutral that makes any other accent color pop.

Other Ideas Beyond Paint

Have you heard that wallpaper is making a comeback? Modern wallpaper features brighter patterns that make a statement. Best of all, newer wallpaper comes pre-coated with adhesive, so hanging—and eventually removing—it is much easier than glued-on wallpaper of old.

Bathroom walls get wet, which is why covering them in wainscoting or tile can be a smart investment. Wainscoting and tile also add elegance to the room no matter the size. The trend in tile is toward shaped tile, such that the top edge is not a straight line but rather scallops or waves. The trend is also to install tile more than halfway up the wall.

Why Updating Lighting Fixtures is a Bright Idea

There is nothing worse than looking into a mirror in a bathroom with poor lighting. Whether you are trying to shave or apply makeup, lighting matters—the brighter, the better. And this is why installing modern lighting fixtures is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade a bathroom. Doing so can also be cost-effective because modern fixtures can use LED bulbs, which require less electricity.

What’s Important about Vanities

Whether your bathroom is a tiny powder room or a sprawling bath with double sinks, the vanity is both utilitarian and decorative. Indeed, after the commode, it may be the most critical piece in the room. Updating the vanity, therefore, can have a significant impact on the look of the room. The overarching theme for vanities is minimalism, keeping as much clutter off the counter as possible.

black-walled bathroomAs with walls, the current trend in vanities is dramatic color. Black and grey are two of the most popular colors because they are considered to be modern neutrals. However, white is still incredibly popular because it allows for a greater variety of future wall and accent color changes.

Regardless of the color choice, when selecting a new vanity, style matters. Vanities of the ’70s and ’80s tended to be flat against the floor. The new trend is for vanities to have legs or to be floating. Floating vanities are mounted directly to the wall. With both of these styles, there is space underneath, and that space makes the bathroom seem larger.

Another popular trend is for vanities to include open shelves, which give the room a more welcoming feel because less is hidden.

Considering Sinks, Counters, and Fixtures

sink concept designAnother way to transform a bathroom is by upgrading the vanity’s countertop[, sink, and fixtures. Changing either or all of these can have a significant impact without costing a lot.

The trend in countertops is currently marble and quartz. When selecting either type for counters, homeowners might also want to upgrade their sink. Sinks can be top-mounted or under-mounted. Both are popular, but under-mounted sinks give the counter cleaner lines.

Finally, one sure way to freshen up the look of any bathroom is to install new faucet fixtures. For years, the trend in fixtures has been brushed nickel because of its cool, clean, and modern look. Nickel is still popular, but brass is making a comeback because it has a warm and luxurious look.

The Bottom Line: Benefits of Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect rooms for experimenting with new decorating ideas in part because they are typically small and won’t take as much material or time to remodel. Whether your budget can cover a complete bathroom remodel or only a few simple changes—like painting walls or upgrading fixtures—making any improvements will be worth the expense. Upgrades will give homeowners like you both personal joy and an increase in home value.

Red Rose Cabinetry is Here to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Stress-Free

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel but don’t know where to start, it’s time to contact a bath specialist like us here at Red Rose Cabinetry. We are ready to provide the expert design and remodel assistance you need! We offer an impressive selection of custom and ready-made vanities and cabinets at a variety of price points, too. Get in touch now to schedule your visit to our showroom near Lititz, PA.