Porch space converted to home office with custom office cabinetry

The Office Cabinetry Your Home Office Needs

As technology has evolved over the years, more and more people have been able to work successfully from home. Offering that option has become a perk savvy employers use to attract and keep great talent. And more recently, working from home became a necessity for many during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

As you may have learned, being successful at working from home requires more than just a laptop and internet access. It requires a dedicated and organized workspace within your home. Luckily, any size space can be transformed into a productive home office with the right kind of office cabinetry.

What Makes a Great Home Office

Ideally, a home office workspace should be in a room all its own and located somewhere quiet and away from distractions from family members. However, converting an entire room into a home office is often not an option. A wall or corner of the basement or even a spare bedroom could work just as well, especially if that space includes lots of storage to keep files and supplies organized.

Even home offices that are simply corners of other rooms can be optimized into creative and productive areas with stylish cabinetry. Adding cabinetry above and below the desk, for instance, can expand office storage capacity so that everything is within easy reach. Having everything right where it’s needed increases productivity and reduces stress.

When planning a home office, be sure to consider all the necessary technology and equipment, such as a computer, monitor, laptop, printer, phone, etc., and select a space with enough electrical outlets for all these devices. Cabinets below the desk can house a computer tower and printer, while drawers of different sizes can be used to house hanging files and office supplies.

Some Challenges of Working From Home

One of the challenges some people face when working from home is not being able to mentally turn work off at the end of the day. This is particularly difficult for those whose workspace is in view of the kitchen, bed, or family room.

Not Being Able to Unplug

Seeing the computer or files sitting out can make it almost impossible for some people to relax fully even when the workday is done. Those unfinished work projects seem to be calling out for attention. The solution to this problem is to close the workspace, so those files and computer equipment are out of view.

If this can’t be done by closing an office door, closing cabinet doors can work just as well. Being able to put work out of sight and mind is key to finding a healthy balance when home is also the office!

Trouble Beginning Work

Getting the workday started is another challenge some people face when working from home. The commute from the bedroom to the home office may be short, but if other family members are home relaxing or household chores seem more interesting than the work project, that distance between bed and office can feel like miles.

The fix for this is to make sure the home office space is inviting—not a dark corner, but rather a well-lit and stylish nook. If the home office is bright, clean, and well-organized, it can be an oasis of productivity.

How Can You Boost Productivity in Your Home Office?

One of the best ways to stay productive is to stay organized. Clutter on or around your work surface is distracting both visually and mentally. Organizational experts agree that clutter reduces productivity, leading to wasted time and money. Using cabinetry and shelving to organize the workspace is the perfect solution.

Having the right amount of storage space in a home office not only helps prevent clutter from building, but also protects work from being mislaid or damaged, especially if young children have access to the office. Cabinetry can even be lockable to keep documents and equipment safe.

Personalize the Space

There is something quite empowering about designing a home office. The best home offices use smart interior design elements that reflect the style of the owner. One way to do this is by hanging some personal pictures, filling shelves with work-related books, decorating with mood-lifting colors, and adding a plant or two to boost the room’s oxygen.

No matter what type of work is being done, your home office should be a space that supports and reinforces your professional identity.

Red Rose Cabinetry Can Make Your Home Office a Productivity Zone

Investing in a home office space is an investment in professional success. The good news is that doing so doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Red Rose Cabinetry offers a wide range of custom and stock cabinetry options to fit everyone’s style and budget.

To discover how we can help you turn any space into a well-organized home office, call Red Rose Cabinetry today. Our experienced design experts are happy to develop office design ideas for any space in your home!