An image of a modern kitchen with blue walls, white cabinetry, and charcoal granite countertops.

What Are Some Exciting Trends for a Large Modern Kitchen in 2023?

Are you tired of your kitchen appearing outdated? Maybe you are ready for a remodel and want something fresh-looking and on-trend to create the large, modern kitchen of your dreams. Trends for kitchens are constantly changing, which makes aligning your desires with the latest large modern kitchen designs tricky. If you’d like to get on top of what will be trending in the coming year, you’ve come to the right place!

Finding the right look for your kitchen can be stressful, but we have more than 35 years of experience staying on top of the hottest kitchen trends. You deserve the kitchen of your dreams, and with the proper guidance and contractors, it’s easier than you think! If you have no idea where to start, keep reading!

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Clean Kitchen, Healthy Mindset

The National Kitchen & Baths Association Report provides a great insight into what designers provide and what homeowners request as we advance into the new year. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a growing concern about having clean hands and surfaces at home. This concern will continue in 2023 with an increasing demand for easy-to-clean countertops. A large modern kitchen is still prevalent, with many opting for simple to clean, customizable and affordable countertops. Granite, laminate, quartz, marble, and ceramic tiles are all easy to clean.

Natural lighting is also popular with this trend, as many people associate fresh air and sunshine with cleanliness. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the light will also highlight your new cabinetry!

Nature at Home

The number of people working from home has also increased in recent years. Creating a relaxing atmosphere at home is essential for work-from-home employees. As many people are trying to move away from cities and connect to nature, they are incorporating more natural colors into their homes.

Many have chosen to go with blues, greens, and charcoal-colored countertops to replace the traditional eggshell colors of kitchen trends of the past. These calming, fresh color choices will continue to grow in popularity into 2023, making them the ideal color choices for your new cabinets. When you combine these natural colors with the right type of custom cabinetry, you’ll create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Choose from these styles of custom cabinetry for the best natural appeal:

  • Rustic Kitchen Cabinets or country kitchen designs combine a traditional design with durable and long-lasting kitchen cabinets.
  • Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets create a relaxed and cozy feel that combines modern minimalism with traditional warmth.
  • Classic Kitchen Cabinets offer simplicity and fresh design elements that incorporate a white or neutral color scheme with different features.
  • Modern Kitchen Cabinets use different materials to enhance your kitchen experience and create a minimalistic design, often adding natural materials. Natural stone countertops and hardwood flooring make this design highly attractive.

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Light, Light, and More Light

As mentioned above, lighting is a point of interest in large modern kitchen trends. After all, what is better than a well-lit kitchen? A bright kitchen creates an atmosphere of wellness and welcoming trending in 2023. Family gatherings often happen around food at the center, making your kitchen the focal point of the meal. The proper light fixtures or natural light helps to enhance this experience when you’re hosting.

However, if a big kitchen window isn’t in your renovation plans, don’t worry. Pendant lights, other light fixtures, or an open-concept kitchen can create a similar relaxing atmosphere when paired with beautiful cabinetry and countertops.

Family-Friendly, Neat and Tidy Designs

Togetherness is something society has come to appreciate much more since we can spend more time together once again. What better way to bring a family together than cooking on a beautiful custom-designed kitchen island? Cooking is one of the most wholesome activities you can do with your family and friends. Large, beautiful and multi-function kitchen islands are gaining popularity. These multi-function kitchen islands are great for families who want the space to cook together, work or attend school from home, and entertain.

A kitchen with a seamless and contemporary look is swiftly gaining popularity. Having a place to store and keep appliances from view is essential to the natural, minimalist look that’s trending for 2023, and a kitchen island with cabinets can function as a storage space for those things.

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A well-lit kitchen with easy-to-clean countertops, a natural color scheme that connects you to nature, and a family-friendly design, are ideal for homes in 2023. If you are still unsure about what trends to apply to your kitchen renovation or new large modern kitchen design, get in touch with us today. At Red Rose Cabinetry, we are here to help you every step of the way!

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