An image of a modern kitchen with grey cabinets.

What Are Some Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors That May Suit My Home?

The color of your kitchen cabinets determines the room’s whole feel, which can lead to a lot of pressure when deciding what you want! Maybe you have considered going with classic stained wood cabinets, but your partner wants more modern kitchen cabinet colors, like soft green or matte black. No matter what color you choose, you want your kitchen to reflect your personality and style preferences.

Kitchen cabinet colors are a big concern here at Red Rose Cabinetry because we want to ensure you love your kitchen just as much as we loved making the cabinets for it. Choosing colors for your cabinets can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to with our help.

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What Does Kitchen Size Have to Do with Cabinet Colors?

Believe it or not, the size of your kitchen may be able to help you decide on the colors you want. Lighter colors open up the space, while darker colors will make it appear smaller and closed off. Modern kitchen cabinet colors tend to lean toward darker hues, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a timeless color like a cream.

Today, many reference books showcase contemporary kitchen cabinets that are sometimes entirely white, from the cabinets themselves to the countertops and every detail in between. Choosing a crisp white kitchen certainly brightens and opens the space, but if you’re fond of spaghetti sauce or use a lot of spices that can stain while cooking, white may not be the best choice!

Where Is Your Kitchen Located?

Open floor plans are a standard part of architectural design, and sometimes that means your kitchen is entirely visible from your dining room or even your living room. You may want to choose colors for your contemporary kitchen cabinets that complement the look of your other rooms as well, not just your kitchen. If you have a living room with red accents, you may find that red painted kitchen cabinets look amazing in your home.

The opposite may also be true. If you have a living room composed of neutral colors, a kitchen filled with vibrant colors may be less appealing than a kitchen that utilizes a pop of color here and there. If you are having issues deciding what will fit the overarching look of your space, our design experts would be happy to help!

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What Color Are Your Countertops?

A photo of a kitchen with yellow walls and yellow and brown marbled countertops with white cabinets. Perhaps you aren’t renovating or remodeling your entire kitchen, but you’re ready for new custom kitchen cabinets. In that case, you may want to take a moment to look at your countertops. What color they are can influence your cabinet color options.

If you are renovating your entire kitchen, you can choose new countertops to suit the modern kitchen cabinet colors you want or vice versa. For example, black or white countertops can go well with nearly any color cabinets. But yellow countertops that you might find in an older kitchen may only pair well with lighter color cabinets. Black cabinetry would be much too harsh of contrast in that case.

Will Your Walls Match Your Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

Contemporary kitchen cabinets can have a monochromatic theme to match the walls, but they certainly don’t have to! Unlike countertops, you can change the colors of your walls quite easily if you want. So, if you decide you must have a specific color for your kitchen cabinetry but aren’t sure it will go well with your existing wall color, you can paint your walls something that better suits the cabinets.

Are Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors Going to Stand the Test of Time?

Keep in mind that design trends change and shift over time, sometimes within a few years, when you choose the colors of your cabinets. You may find that many of the kitchens you see today are sleek and clean-looking with sharp lines, but just a few years ago, rustic kitchens were trendy.

You may be thinking, “well, I’ve seen people paint their cabinets online, so I can just paint them if trends change!” Unfortunately, while there is plenty of information on DIYing your kitchen cabinet painting, we recommend against that. Choosing your cabinetry colors to be “theme neutral” can help withstand the test of time and the general public’s need for rapid trend changes.

When you choose cabinets from Red Rose Cabinetry, we carefully select the materials, stains, and paints that all work together to give your cabinets a beautiful finish that will last for a long time. If you were to paint over your cabinets, you risk choosing incompatible paint that won’t look good or, worse, damaging the wood of your cabinetry.

We’ve been assisting people in redesigning and customizing their cabinets for years. We would love to help you determine what style of kitchen will age with your home well and hold out against ever-evolving trends, so you won’t have to worry about painting the cabinets in the future.

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How Do I Know I Chose the Right Colors?

You’ll know you chose the right colors for your cabinets if being in your new kitchen brings you joy. Perhaps that means glass cabinets and a pop of color on your countertops, or maybe it’s a beautifully stained, natural wood kitchen cabinet display in your small space.

Whatever you do to the area you live in is entirely up to you! While we wrote most of the tips in this piece to help you decide what colors might suit your kitchen when you’re choosing custom cabinetry, your opinion is the only one that matters. Maybe you like the way black cabinets look against vibrant colors!

I’ve Selected My Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors! Now What?

You’ve got a look and feel for your kitchen in mind, and you’re ready to place an order for custom kitchen cabinets. If that’s the case, get in touch with us! At Red Rose Cabinetry, we want to help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to life today. And even if you haven’t settled on all the details you want for your kitchen, feel free to reach out for a design session. We can help you choose what will work well in your home, modern kitchen cabinet colors included.

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