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Contemporary Kitchen designs

What Are Some Of The Key Elements Of Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Many contemporary kitchen designs with horizontal kitchen cabinets and plain hardware are cropping up in homes across the country. As trends toward decluttering, downsizing, and minimalist living continue to shape modern culture, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are embracing the sleek, streamlined look. After all, the style of contemporary design works well just about anywhere.

Whether you love stark, white cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances or appreciate clean, simple lines and uncluttered spaces, there are many ways to bring contemporary design to any new kitchen project. So, what elements bring an excellent modern design to life?

When working with a customer to realize their contemporary kitchen dreams, we at Red Rose Cabinetry focus on a few elements that bring out that modern aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at what elements might be suitable for your kitchen project.

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A modern-looking laundry room with black accents and white appliances and cabinets

Can I Add Monetary Value To My Home By Remodeling My Laundry Room?

Doing the laundry is a boring part of the day where we take a few hours to sort, clean, fold, and put away a pile-up of clothing from the previous week. But your surroundings can influence how you feel about something and having a beautiful laundry room can upgrade this task to make it feel more like a peaceful break from your everyday routine than a chore. Something as simple as updated laundry room floor cabinets can take the space from boring to elegant.

A frequently asked question many homeowners have is, “Can I add monetary value to my home by remodeling my laundry room?” Our relatively straightforward answer is “not much”—at least in terms of resale value. However, that doesn’t mean remodeling your laundry room isn’t a fantastic idea that will add value to your everyday experience in your home or excite potential homebuyers should you choose to sell your home.

While the kitchen and bath upgrade projects we specialize in are some of the most valuable renovations you can do, other hardworking spaces in your home—like your home office or your laundry room—can also benefit from cabinet upgrades. Here at Red Rose Cabinetry, our talented sales and design team members are ready to answer your questions when looking to add an upgraded look, better storage efficiency to their spaces, and a little bit of resale value to their homes.

Read on to learn more about the types of laundry room remodels you can make to add efficiency, comfort, and convenience to your home.

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A mid-century modern kitchen with blue and gray cabinets and sleek furniture.

4 Popular Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See in 2022

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen and want to make sure you stay on top of the latest design trends, Red Rose Cabinetry is here to help! Kitchen design trends in 2022 will see a comeback of vintage styles, like soft colors and the blending of different materials.

With many households continuing to spend a lot of time together at home, the kitchen remains a gathering place for many. It makes sense to think about improving its flow and functionality while staying current on the latest fashions.

Whether you want to update old appliances or do a complete remodel, let the professionals at Red Rose Cabinetry be a part of your renovation. With more than 35 years of experience and staying on top of the hottest kitchen fashions, we have a good idea of the four biggest design trends to expect in 2022. If you’d like to see these trends in person, visit our kitchen showroom in Lititz, PA! Continue reading 4 Popular Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See in 2022

A person reaches for a jar of flour in their opened kitchen drawer.

Our Easy Guide to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets for Thanksgiving

As the holidays and winter approach, tables laden with food shared with family and friends are something we all look forward to doing. But, when it’s time to prepare the family meal or stock away casseroles and soups for the winter, you might find your storage options limited. Space is something we all need, and when everything is organized and in its place, the whole process goes smoother.

In today’s blog, we’re going to share how easy it is to maximize your cabinet space before Thanksgiving so you can enjoy what matters the most: spending time with family and friends. Red Rose Cabinetry is your go-to place for kitchen cabinets in Lancaster, PA. Start with a complimentary design session, and let us show you how easy it is to get the custom cabinets you need at an affordable price. Continue reading Our Easy Guide to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets for Thanksgiving

A gloved hand cleans wooden cabinets with a microfiber cloth

Have Custom Cabinets? Here’s How to Keep Them Clean

Your cabinets are one of the essential parts of your kitchen. They are storage solutions that add beauty to the room, which is why they are such a big part of a kitchen remodel! At Red Rose Cabinetry, we know how important it is to keep your custom cabinets clean so they can last throughout the life of your home.

The first step in cleaning any cabinet is wiping it down with a microfiber cloth to remove dust or food particles. You may have the urge to use a sponge or dishcloth, as they are handy and likely right there in the kitchen. However, this method is a bad idea because food particles or grease contaminate sponges or cloths and may harm the cabinets. What steps you take next depends on the type of cabinet you have. Continue reading Have Custom Cabinets? Here’s How to Keep Them Clean

]: Brand new kitchen countertops provide a cohesive look for this kitchen.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Budget

You’ve been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen for years and have diligently saved to get your ideal kitchen. It’s now time to do the remodeling, and you want to stay within your budget while upgrading your kitchen countertops, cabinets, floors, lighting, and appliances to ones you love.

One of your most important line items will undoubtedly be your countertops, accounting for about a quarter of the budget. You must choose a countertop supplier that can work with your budget to make sure you love the choice you make. When you choose Red Rose Cabinetry for your kitchen remodel, we’ll make sure you find the perfect countertop that won’t break the bank. Continue reading How to Select the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Budget

White farmhouse kitchen cabinets provide a bright, cheery atmosphere to a kitchen.

6 Big Advantages of Upgrading to Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder that if you’re a new homeowner or just looking to remodel your house, you probably want to start in your kitchen. Those worn, outdated cabinets have probably seen better days and could use better organization. Why not try farmhouse kitchen cabinets to provide modern charm and simplicity? They’ll look stunning in neutral shades of white or gray, especially when balanced with natural wood or stone for backsplashes, countertops, or flooring.

With Red Rose Cabinetry, we can help turn your outdated kitchen into a room of functional, modern elegance. Plus, updating your cabinets has many advantages that our customers love. Whether you want a cleaner look or to increase your property value, upgrading your kitchen cabinets is the way to go. Continue reading 6 Big Advantages of Upgrading to Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful white kitchen cabinets are neatly organized

5 Ways a Custom Cabinet Manufacturer Can Optimize Your Cabinet Space

We’ve all been there—you’re in the middle of making supper and can’t seem to find that jar of spaghetti sauce you know you have. It’s hidden in the depths of your kitchen cabinets, for sure. You think to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way to organize this kitchen.”

Luckily for you, a custom cabinet manufacturer can reduce this frustration and create beautiful kitchen cabinets that are practical and stylish. You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Red Rose Cabinetry, we’re the experts in designing custom cabinetry that matches your unique style and décor, plus gives you ample space for optimizing your cabinets. Schedule your free design consultation today and learn how we can help end your disorganized exasperation. Continue reading 5 Ways a Custom Cabinet Manufacturer Can Optimize Your Cabinet Space

Dark kitchen island cabinetry in a modern kitchen by Red Rose Cabinetry

Kitchen Design Trends of 2021 Making the Most Impact

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home because it is where families gather to prepare and enjoy meals. More recently, kitchens have also become home offices, homework centers, and central hangout hubs. These new uses are greatly influencing kitchen design trends, which favor making kitchens more inviting, comfortable, and functional.

Common among all the different kitchen design style trends, from farmhouse chic to midcentury modern, is an emphasis on clean lines, ample storage, and personality. Making kitchens even more eco-friendly is another rising trend as we move into 2021 and beyond.

Whether you want to make a few changes or do a complete kitchen remodel, these are the trends that will create the most impact. Continue reading Kitchen Design Trends of 2021 Making the Most Impact

Modern looking kitchen with concrete countertops

8 Solid Style Tips for Concrete Countertops

Here at Red Rose Cabinetry, we’re more than just beautiful custom cabinets for every room in your home. We’re one of Lancaster County, PA’s favorite kitchen remodelers. No matter what your vision is for your new kitchen, we can help you bring it to life—and that includes installing the perfect countertop material to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Have you considered concrete countertops? They’re on-trend and easy to live with—and the star of today’s blog post!

While granite and quartz have been the most popular choices for kitchen countertops for years, concrete countertops have been steadily rising in popularity. Today, they are one of the hottest options because of their endless style varieties, durability, and affordability.

The great thing about concrete kitchen countertops is that they work well in any style kitchen, from ultra-modern to rustic, and everything in between. When designing your kitchen remodel to include concrete material, consider these eight style tips. Continue reading 8 Solid Style Tips for Concrete Countertops